Advertising Disclosures

Business Loans are loans that are for business related uses only. The loan proceeds from a business loan cannot be used by the applicant for any personal, family or household purposes. Any loan application which results in a business loan as described above, are exempted from the disclosure requirements of the Truth in Lending Act.

Most of our affiliates and lending partners do not require any collateral for business loans. Please be aware however, that by applying for a business loan through our website, you may be contacted by a lender who will offer you a different kind of loan product, which may involve collateral requirements. Most traditional bank loans, as well as some SBA loans, do have collateral requirements for eligibility.

Once you complete your application through our website, you may be offered several different types of loans. Our specialists will discuss all your options with you, so you fully understand the different types of loans being offered. Our affiliates and lending partners will determine what documents and eligibility standards will be required for their underwriting purposes. We encourage you to discuss terms and conditions of each kind of loan being offered, directly with the lender. We always strive me maintain accurate information on this website concerning our lending partners and affiliates. All rates, terms, and fees are determined solely by our lending partners and affiliates, and are subject to change at the sole discretion of the lender. We cannot guarantee your business will be approved for a loan. We cannot guarantee eligibility for certain rates, fees, or terms shown on lender websites. Lender’s terms and conditions will apply to any and all business loan transactions conducted with them and all loan products may not be available in all states. We encourage you to ask your lender directly for details.

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