Small Business Resources & Tips 2021

What’s a hard credit pull?

A hard credit pull occurs when a lender wants to take a look at your credit score. Credit inquiries come as either a hard credit pull or a soft pull, and they don’t have the same effect on your credit score. So, it’s essential to understand the difference and when each one occurs. Know The [...] Read More

Should your small business have a line of credit?

A small business line of credit is a great way to ensure you have cash on hand when you need it, helping you weather unexpected expenses or changes in cash flow. What exactly is a small business line of credit?  A small business line of credit functions like a business credit card -- It gives [...] Read More

How to Get Business Loans for Cafes and Coffee Shops

If you're an aspiring café or coffee shop owner, you're probably thinking about capital—or the lack of it. The truth is that starting a café or coffee shop from scratch and getting it running requires a lot of money plus hard work. From startup capital to equipment, furniture, and employee salaries, sometimes you need a [...] Read More

How to Get a Loan to Start a Business in 4 Steps

Starting a business from scratch and getting it running is not a walk in the park. The situation becomes even more difficult if you don't have adequate capital to sustain your operations. If you have an excellent business idea, don't let the lack of capital be an obstacle. The best way to start a business [...] Read More

6 Easy Ways to Protect Your Small Business Financially

Owning a business is a dream and goal for many individuals. It allows you to become your own boss and enjoy other benefits that employed people don’t. However, it comes with some risks that, if not well managed, can result in substantial financial losses. Below are some of the best strategies you can use to [...] Read More

Digital Marketing Ideas & Tips for Small Business

For most small businesses, everything is often done under a budget that may seem to be as tight as possible. This is mostly because most of these small businesses have limitations in terms of personnel, time and resources as well. This notwithstanding however, there are still some specific strategies that can be used by these [...] Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Business Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation is putting all your debts together and rolling them into one loan. In your journey of business set up and even eventually running the business, you may have had the need to access business loans to either start up or boost your business. There is a whole myriad of options, almost like a [...] Read More

Best Mobile Payment Systems for Small Business: 2021 Edition

Mobile Payment Solutions As a small business owner, you need to spend your limited time on the things that matter most to your business. Having gone through the hard work of acquiring capital through small business loans and setting up your business, you need to focus on creating value for your business, not dealing with [...] Read More

Small Business Loans For Women In 2021

There is no better time than the present. So, what is keeping you from starting up your own business? It is 2021, & the power we have as women is astonishing, when compared to what it was 100 years ago. We can do anything we put our minds to, there is absolutely nothing stopping us, [...] Read More

How do the SBA loan qualification criteria work?

The U.S. Small Business Administration offers some of the best small business loans and small business funding available. So if you wish to tap the best in business development going, then the SBA is the place to start. Understand that the SBA does not, in itself, issue loans to start or expand a business. The [...] Read More

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