Small Business Resources & Tips 2021

Ways to Improve Restaurant Marketing

Are you in the food industry and have been struggling to market your restaurant? It's time you changed your marketing tactics! Below are marketing ideas you can adapt to get the attention of hungry customers everywhere and at any time. Use Search Engines and Get Them to Rank You High If a customer were to [...] Read More

How to Build Business Credit Fast

The importance of having a good business credit score has never been greater. Without one, you'll have a hard time qualifying for small business loans. And if your business is approved for credit, you'll likely be subject to high-interest rates. Developing a good business credit score might sound challenging, especially if your business has little [...] Read More

6 Things to Look for in the Best Business Lenders

Running a small business without enough financing can be challenging. Luckily, many lenders are willing to offer business loans to small business owners to help them propel their businesses. But how do you choose the right financing partner? Below are six important factors to consider when choosing the best business lender. Credibility and Experience  Good [...] Read More

How to Set up Payroll for Your Small Business: The Complete Guide

Payroll is a very critical component of the financial system of any business. A sound payroll system enhances employees experience with business benefits and enables businesses to comply with employment legislation and satisfy all tax obligations. So now that we know how crucial payroll system is for a business, how do you set it up [...] Read More

8 Best Bookkeeping Apps For Small Business Owners

Irrespective of the sector a company operates, financing is one area business owners can't handle with levity. When a business has financial issues, the spiral effect is very likely to be felt in every aspect of the company's operations. This is because it will be challenging to meet up with its obligations in paying creditors, [...] Read More

Top Small Business Social Media Trends

Social media has empowered many small businesses to grow a loyal customer base and make a nice profit because of it. However, the social media landscape is constantly changing, and if you want to grow your business and drive even more revenue, there is one important thing you need to do: Watch the trends. But [...] Read More

What’s a hard credit pull?

A hard credit pull occurs when a lender wants to take a look at your credit score. Credit inquiries come as either a hard credit pull or a soft pull, and they don’t have the same effect on your credit score. So, it’s essential to understand the difference and when each one occurs. Know The [...] Read More

Should your small business have a line of credit?

A small business line of credit is a great way to ensure you have cash on hand when you need it, helping you weather unexpected expenses or changes in cash flow. What exactly is a small business line of credit?  A small business line of credit functions like a business credit card -- It gives [...] Read More

How to Get Business Loans for Cafes and Coffee Shops

If you're an aspiring café or coffee shop owner, you're probably thinking about capital—or the lack of it. The truth is that starting a café or coffee shop from scratch and getting it running requires a lot of money plus hard work. From startup capital to equipment, furniture, and employee salaries, sometimes you need a [...] Read More

How to Get a Loan to Start a Business in 4 Steps

Starting a business from scratch and getting it running is not a walk in the park. The situation becomes even more difficult if you don't have adequate capital to sustain your operations. If you have an excellent business idea, don't let the lack of capital be an obstacle. The best way to start a business [...] Read More

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