How Our Funding Process Works

Wondering how you can apply for a small business loan or merchant cash advance (MCA) with Progressive Business Capital, and get the funding you need? Our goal is always to connect you with the best lenders for your business, and to help you get cash for your business at a reasonable rate.

How does it work? Here is a step-by-step guide to the process. Read on and see why you should choose us to find lending partners for your small business!

Step 1 – Apply Online at Progressive Business Capital

First, you’ll need to apply online with Progressive Business Capital. Our simple online application takes only a few minutes to fill out, and we’ll just need some basic information about you, your business, and your finances.

Step 2 – Work with Our Business Funding Experts

After you’ve finished your initial application, you’ll be contacted by one of our Business Funding Experts.

We will work with you to get some basic information about you and your business, such as statements confirming your business income, your length of time in business, and other such information that our lending partners will require to approve you for a business loan or merchant cash advance.

This information will help determine whether a small business loan or merchant cash advance is right for you, and how much funding your business may be eligible to receive.

Step 3 – Our System Evaluates Your Business & Provides Funders

Once we’ve worked with you to get more information about your business, our Business Funding Experts will use our proprietary lending system to determine which third-party funders may be right for your business. Then, we can connect you with the lender who is offering the best rates.

Step 4 – Review & Sign Your Loan or Merchant Cash Agreement

If you like what you see, and you’re ready to sign for your small business loan or merchant cash agreement, all you have to do is review the documentation and sign on the dotted line. We recommend reviewing your loan or MCA terms carefully, to ensure that the financial product you’re choosing is right for your business.

Step 5 – Get Your Funds (in as little as 24 hours of applying!)

We can connect you with a lender and get you funded in as little as 24 hours of applying at Progressive Business Capital. Whether you opt for a small business loan or a merchant cash advance, you’ll get your business funding quickly, and you can get back to doing what you do best – running your business!

Then, once you’ve received your funds, you’ll start repaying your loan or merchant cash advance based on the loan terms you’ve agreed upon with the lender. It’s just that simple!

Contact Us Now and Start Applying for Small Business Funding!

Whether you are interested in a traditional small business loan or alternative business funding like a merchant cash advance, Progressive Business Capital is here to help. With our wide variety of lending partners, we can help businesses of all types get the funds they need. Get started by applying online today and see how we can help your business grow!


Note: All loans issued are at the sole discretion of the lender or funder. Your small business loan agreement or merchant cash agreement will identify the funder/loan issuer before you sign, and any product or loan amount offered will depend on the underwriting standards of the issuer. ProBizCap is not a direct lender and does not offer loans or cash advances of any kind.

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