How to Create a Small Business Direct Mail Campaign

Direct mail campaigns can be very powerful. Although it may seem like you get rid of most mailers every week, the truth is that you don’t necessarily throw away all mailers. You might even consider using the coupons codes, new products, services, or special offers from companies that you know and trust.

The same goes for your target audience. You can win new customers by sending them relevant information and appealing to them with a great deal. Here’s how to get started.

How to Set Up Small Business Direct Mail Campaign

Every day, small businesses launch successful direct mail campaigns. A clear process is essential if you want to achieve a high response rate, and a good return on your investment in your marketing campaign. This is the process.

  1. Make a mailing list

You need to identify your target audience and know how to reach them to send direct mail to potential customers. You should have their addresses and names so that you can send them coupons codes and other offers.

  1. Create a mailing piece

Your mailer does not have to be an artistic masterpiece, but it does need to be useful as a marketing tool. You don’t want it looking like junk mail and being thrown away. Include a clear call-to-action, such as “call this number” or “visit the website”.

  1. Design your response system

Each batch of mailings should have its own unique code, or identifier. This will allow you to identify which mailer produced what results. You will be able to track your results and improve your marketing efforts. This will allow you to make your direct mail campaigns more cost-effective.

  1. Check out your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

You should test a small portion of your target market list before you send it all. This will ensure that everything runs smoothly, and your mail piece is producing the expected results. Test 10 percent or 250 mailers of your target market list, depending on the size.

  1. Run Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

Once you have established that your direct marketing mailers receive a high response rate, it is time to send them out to your target audience. You should pace your mailing so that you can handle all the responses to this direct marketing campaign. You can link to bulk rates section

  1. Manage Customer Responses

This is where many businesses make mistakes. Before you send out those mailers, make sure you have everything in order. Make sure that you have sufficient staff to handle calls from potential customers. You should have a system to follow up with potential customers if you tell them to contact you by mail.

This will result in losing new customers who were eager to sign up.

  1. Analyze the results of your direct mail campaign

After you have completed the direct mail campaign, it is time to review the results and identify areas for improvement. You can always make improvements to your direct mail campaign so that it is even better.

A separate direct mail campaign is a great idea for current customers. This will encourage them to return to your business again. Small businesses generally get a higher response rate from their customers so the return on your investment should be great.

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Questions to Ask Companies You Are Thinking of Working With

For small businesses that want to launch a direct mail campaign, companies like Vistaprint and PsPrint are popular options. Before you work with any business to help you with an important marketing strategy such as direct mail, it is crucial that you make sure you are compatible with them. These are the questions to ask.

Does the company have an internal creative team or will you need to build/hire your own?

Some small businesses prefer to have their mailer and design done by someone else. However, it is possible to have your own staff, or a trusted designer, take care of the mailings. Decide in advance and ask the company about their business.

Some companies will have strict policies regarding the use of their creative team, while others won’t. Some companies may be more flexible than others; knowing what you want in advance will help make it easier to find the right direct mail company.

What are their varying rates/package options?

Direct mailing companies will have different rates and packages options, so make sure you get a complete list. Next, determine which bundle or package of services best suits your direct mail needs.

It’s a smart idea to shop around and get a few quotes. While you want to work with a reputable business, you also want the package that suits your direct mail marketing strategy.

What is their Workflow?

You should understand the company’s workflow and timeline before you sign up for direct mail. It may be difficult to trust a company that responds to your inquiries in 2 weeks. Or it may be that you just need to know that they take 6 business days to deliver your marketing materials.

It is important to find out if your direct market campaign has a manager or if you will be expected to interact with the website and any customer service representatives on shift.

Your budget can have an impact on the quality and speed of service that you receive from direct mail companies. If you aren’t happy with your choices, consider contacting other people. Direct mailing campaigns will be repeated each year, so it is important to choose a company that has the right workflow and support for your project.

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