Reasons Why Businesses Fail

It is difficult to run a business. Nine out of ten businesses fail within the first five year. There are many reasons why a business could fail. Here are four of them and how you can avoid them. If you are starting a business for the first time, you have a lot to learn from other successful [...]

Tips & Tools to Grow Your Small-Business

Owners of small businesses must be able to wear many hats, especially at the beginning. To support taxes and payroll, you'll need to be familiar with accounting. To handle customer service inquiries and employee benefits, you will need to be proficient in Human Resources. You will also need to be able to sell your product using a keen [...]

Why Your Business Should Be Incorporated

It's essential to learn about the various ways that you can structure your company if you are considering starting a business. Incorporation is one option, with many benefits. Let's look at how to incorporate your business, and the joys associated with it. There are many reasons to incorporate your business. You create a legal entity independent of yourself [...]

Steps to Getting an Equipment Loan

It doesn't need to be difficult to get an equipment loan. It can be as simple as these five steps. Is it the right time? You should consider whether you might be able to get an equipment loan. First, think about why you need the money. Also consider whether purchasing equipment is a good fit for your business. Are [...]

USPS Shipping and Delivery Options for Small Businesses

The United States Postal Service (USPS) does more than just deliver mail. Small-business owners all over the country depend on the USPS to manage their day-today operations. This includes shipping supplies from one location to another or getting their products in the hands of customers. Many small businesses worry that the USPS could be too insecure or [...]

How to Start a Referral Program for Your Small Business

Small businesses can gain new customers by using a referral program. This is a win-win scenario. Not only will you gain a new client, but also the person who referred them receives a reward for their efforts. How do you create a successful customer referral program? What kind of rewards should your company offer? These are just a few [...]

Guide for Business Bridge Loans

A business bridge loan can be a short-term loan that is available to entrepreneurs with good credit. This type of loan is usually to cover expenses related to their company or other businesses/properties they are involved in until the loans go through, or money starts coming in. These loans are intended to provide quick capital for entrepreneurs [...]

Equipment Loans for Small Businesses

Small businesses that depend on vehicles or machinery for their daily operations can face financial difficulties. A daunting task for a new business trying to establish itself in a particular market is the cost of purchasing the heavy equipment necessary to run the company. What's an equipment loan? Equipment financing loans are secured by equipment. The [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Filing Your First Small Business Income Tax Return

Your first-time submitting tax returns for business will be different if you are a new owner. You want to pay the least amount of taxes possible. However, you must file and properly account for all business expenses. This will avoid penalties for tax evasion, which can only lead to several problems for your company's health. [...]

How to Create a Small Business Direct Mail Campaign

Direct mail campaigns can be very powerful. Although it may seem like you get rid of most mailers every week, the truth is that you don't necessarily throw away all mailers. You might even consider using the coupons codes, new products, services, or special offers from companies that you know and trust. The same goes for your target [...]

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