Small Business Resources & Tips 2022

Digital Marketing Ideas & Tips for Small Business

For most small businesses, everything is often done under a budget that may seem to be as tight as possible. This is mostly because most of these small businesses have limitations in terms of personnel, time and resources as well. This notwithstanding however, there are still some specific strategies that can be used by these [...] Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Business Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation is putting all your debts together and rolling them into one loan. In your journey of business set up and even eventually running the business, you may have had the need to access business loans to either start up or boost your business. There is a whole myriad of options, almost like a [...] Read More

Best Mobile Payment Systems for Small Business: 2021 Edition

Mobile Payment Solutions As a small business owner, you need to spend your limited time on the things that matter most to your business. Having gone through the hard work of acquiring capital through small business loans and setting up your business, you need to focus on creating value for your business, not dealing with [...] Read More

Small Business Loans For Women In 2021

There is no better time than the present. So, what is keeping you from starting up your own business? It is 2021, & the power we have as women is astonishing, when compared to what it was 100 years ago. We can do anything we put our minds to, there is absolutely nothing stopping us, [...] Read More

How do the SBA loan qualification criteria work?

The U.S. Small Business Administration offers some of the best small business loans and small business funding available. So if you wish to tap the best in business development going, then the SBA is the place to start. Understand that the SBA does not, in itself, issue loans to start or expand a business. The [...] Read More

Being a Successful and Profitable Business in 2021

Small Business Loans through the government are discouraging for someone who wants to start a business. These loans, although wonderful business loans, have requirements, such as being in business successfully for a year. these are not fat business loans. They require careful accounting and accountability. They do have low interest rates. If business is a [...] Read More

These Are the Best Quick Business Loans for 2021

Need a Fast Business Loan? These Are the Best Quick Business Loans for 2021 There are different forms of quick loans that can help you support various business needs. However, it might be challenging to get all-fitting fast business loans with multiple trades and choices. Business loan is significant as most traders depend on it [...] Read More

Easy Loans For Small Businesses

Whether you need a working capital loan or want to buy a new factory, there are business loans available for your goals. For example, you may want to get a secured loan in order to get a lower interest rate. If your business does not own anything valuable, you may have to use an unsecured [...] Read More

Your Guide To Finding And Securing Financing

If you need financing for your business, you may be overwhelmed by your options. In this guide from Progressive Business Capital, we’ll discuss a few of the most common types of loans available to business owners. Let's get started. What Are My Options For Business Loans? There are dozens of different types of business loans, [...] Read More

What Happens If I’m Unable To Pay A Business Loan?

If you take out a business loan and it turns out that you’re unable to repay the full value of the loan, you may be wondering what will happen. In this blog from Progressive Business Capital, we’ll give you an overview of the basic things that will happen if you fail to pay your loan. Read on and learn more.

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